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Aaron Bartlett

Pastor of Worship and Young Adults


Life Story

I grew up in a family rooted in Christ's love. I was baptized at a young age, and I can't remember a time during my childhood ever questioning that God loved me. I had many spiritual experiences and that was a big part of how my faith was grounded.


However, I was also emotionally berated all through grade school, constantly bullied and oftentimes because of my evangelistic efforts. As I grew up I had a large variety of interests including sciences. In high school, I began to wrestle with how to ground my faith intellectually and theologically. 

I latched on to apologetics and how science and faith could work together. It wasn't until the summer after graduating high school that I felt a pull to be in ministry, but it took another year until I went to bible college and pursued it.


I met my amazing wife Heather at Briercrest College, in Saskatchewan. We got married and today we are blessed with 3 wonderful kids. Parenthood is stretching and rewarding as we take up the challenge of discipling and leading our family to worship the One True God.


I love the part I get to play at King Road Church, serving both in Worship, and Young Adult ministry. It's a joy and privilege to serve in the church vocationally, journeying with young people through the early stages of adulthood, as well as equipping and serving with the worship team to worship our Lord together and point people towards Him!

My Hope for King Road Church

My hope for King Road is that it is a place where people contagiously love God and out of an outpouring of His love, our presence in other people's lives would be striking and attractive.


I hope that our people will preach the Gospel out of everyday conversations. More actionable than hoping, that we would equip people to do that well.


Every person who walks into this church would be welcomed with open arms and loved unconditionally, especially those who don't know the love of Christ.


I pray God would use King Road Church to be a signpost for unity, that we would have working relationships with many other churches, local, and far-reaching, recognizing that God is using all His people for his Kingdom purposes.


I also pray that many would come to place their faith in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and that God would use the people of this Church to do that. 

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