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Anicka Neudorf

Youth Ministries Intern


Life Story

I was raised in a Christian home and have been coming to King Road since my family moved to Canada from Paraguay in 2003. From a young age I had a simple understanding of who God was that developed into a deeper and personal faith. After beginning a Bible Study at school in grade 7, I knew that God wanted to use my life as a testament to his glory. 


I always struggled with surrendering my plans to God and it led me to burnout by the time I graduated high school. Unlike ever before, I saw how broken and helpless I was and how much I desperately need God. I worked the year after I graduated high school and in that time God led me to do the TREK discipleship program with Multiply. He was asking me to lay down my hopes, fears, anxieties, and plans. I was anxious about following through and making this decision, but I knew that I had to do it. 

During TREK, God gently took each broken piece of me one by one and began to heal and transform my life. His tender care and love brought life and truth into my identity. He assured me that I am his daughter. That I am forgiven and made whole. That he will continue the work that he has started. My identity is no longer based on achievement, people, or failure. My identity is founded on the character of God and who he has created me to be. God’s gentle restorative work in me revealed God’s faithfulness and steadfastness. I continue to learn what it means to live in my heavenly identity and to find satisfaction, joy and peace in Christ in all circumstances.


Currently I am in the Biblical Studies Program at Columbia Bible College (CBC) to become a youth pastor with the goal of discipling youth that go on to disciple others.


God invites each one of us to participate in his plans. Through Jesus’s teaching we learn what it means and looks to be a part of God’s plan to redeem and restore all of creation. We are called to live as Kingdom Citizens NOW as we await the return of our king, Jesus. 

My Hope for King Road Church

My hope for the King Road Youth is to see a generation experience the restorative work of God, practice faithful obedience to the Lord, and to live a new and full life through the Spirit in their identity as Kingdom Citizens.

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