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Elfriede Doerksen

Director of Children's Ministry


Life Story

I was born and raised in the Chaco, Paraguay, in a Mennonite colony. My childhood was fun, and I had the privilege of growing up in a loving family.


I accepted Jesus at a young age, and I remember wanting to share my new faith with the kids in my village. Since we had no Sunday school, my friend and I invited all kids in the village to come together and learn about Jesus on Sunday mornings where we shared stories about Jesus.


This experience awakened in me the dream to become a teacher. I wanted to teach and reach kids. My favorite subject as a teacher was Bible stories.

I met my husband, Ernst, as a teenager, and we got married in 1993. We have two sons who are young adults now. In 2007, we moved to BC, Canada, with our two young boys, and we made King Road our new home church.


From the beginning, I served and volunteered in Children’s Ministry in different ways. I loved it; I loved meeting new people and helping wherever I could. However, I felt the passion of teaching and reaching kids that I had before we moved to Canada, was missing.


But then King Road opened a new program called Wee College, and I fell in love with teaching and reaching kids all over again! My heart beats for Jesus, and He has called me to love, teach, reach, connect and introduce kids to Jesus. I want to share His love with kids of all ages. I want them to know that Jesus is waiting for them and longing for a special relationship with each child.

My Hope for King Road Church

My hope for King Road church is that we may be a church that resembles Jesus’ heart. May King Road be a church where everyone feels welcome and part of the church family, including kids of all ages with their families.

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