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Heins Schartner

Pastor of small groups & German ministries


Life Story

I had the privilege of growing up in a family where the love of Jesus was shown to us kids by our parents in a very simple but assured way. I never doubted their love for me and the love of God for me. Because of their practical life example, I made my own decision to follow Jesus in my teen years.

My wife Rosy and I got married in Brazil, and God blessed us with two wonderful daughters, Cecilia and Daisy. We welcomed our two son-in-laws, Leo and Dan, into our family, and we are so grateful that they are putting in their best efforts to raise our granddaughters; Julia and Kayla, and Sophie and Riley, in homes that are based on the same love of Jesus that I grew up with.

It was only after years of combining my work and volunteering in my home church, that we followed the call to serve in various church settings.

Rosy and I came to King Road Church in 2006 with the desire to serve with the gifts that God has given us and with the life experience he provided us with.

My Hope for King Road Church

My deep desire for our King Road Church is that people would be drawn to Jesus by seeing the love we have for each other.

My prayer for our church is that we would be faithful to God by submitting ourselves to the authority of the Bible and share the truth of God in a relevant way to our friends.

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