Salome Unger

Office & Social Media Coordinator


Life Story

I was raised in a loving Christian home, and enjoyed getting to grow up with 3 younger sisters.


It took until around age 17 for me to start understanding the depths of His love for me and to enjoy being with Him, instead of seeing my walk with God as something to get me through the hard days and fix all my problems. Knowing my Father loves me no matter what happens in life, is so comforting and grounding!


Since graduating from high school in 2015, I have stayed busy working and travelling: nannying, doing a DTS with YWAM, running a photography business, and serving here in the KR office. I enjoy hiking and camping as a way to rest in the beauty of God's creation!

Throughout the different seasons I’ve been in, God has taken away anxiety and replaced it with confidence in Him. He has taken insecurity and filled me with assurance that the way He made me is wonderful in His sight. He has taken shame and replaced it with the beauty of His love washing away every wrong thing I’ve ever done!


I love to create art, and it is from time spent communing with God that my most honest and beautiful ideas are born. It’s my goal to honour and glorify God with each brushstroke, music note, and camera shutter click. 

My hope for King Road Church

My hope for us as the body of Christ, is that we would live for Jesus and look to Him for all we need.


May we encourage and lift each other up as we grow and learn!


Let’s use every gift He’s given us to strengthen the church and share His love with the world.